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We are helping
you choose kimonos that fits
each style and atmosphere.

In the calmly Japanese space, you can choose a kimono as a luxurious feeling and change your clothes. Please enjoy your kimono while talking with your dresser slowly.

In our shop we deal mainly with silk and antique kimono, it is recommended for those who want to call a different kimono. In addition, we have chosen also for those who want to use clothes on a special day in a rental space.

Selective three rental plan

Rental plan of Furisode and Hakama

  • Furisode rental plan
  • Hakama rental plan

Recommended plan

Optional services to enjoy
rental Kimono more

  • Service to return on next day

    1,000yen(Tax not included)~

    This plan is for people who want to enjoy strolling around Kyoto with Yukata or Kimono until late at night. You don't need to mind the time and you can have fun wearing Japanese clothes all day long.

    * No additional cost will be charged if you return it on the day.

    * If you will use this service, please return Kimono between 9 am to 11 am next day.

  • Luggage storage


    It's difficult to go out and see around with carrying big luggages. We "WAFUKU" will look after your baggages for free. Enjoy your sightseeing with Yukata or Kimono without minding your luggaes. This service are also applied to customers who selected plan to bring your own Kimono(Yukata).

    * We cannot look after some items such as article of values.

  • Plan to bring
    your own Kimono (Yukata)

    2,000yen(Tax not included)~

    This is the plan for people who have their own Kimono or Yukata, but cannot or don't have confidence to wear them! Our experienced staff will dress you up beautifully.

    * Fee of hair set and rentalling Obi, Geta, hair ornament, Kinchaku are not included in this price.

  • Photograph


    3,000yen(Tax not included)~

    If you woud like to remain your beautiful form with Kimono or Yukata, you better select this photograph plan. Our professional
    photographer will take your picture at
    photographic studio. Data of those pictures will be handed to you by printed photograph or CD. Leave your nice memory on the day by photo.

    * Reservation need to be made beforehand if you would like photographer to take pictures.

  • Visit service of
    dressing and workshop


    Please consult us for this.

    Our experienced staff can visit your place to dress you up with Kimono when you are
    holding interculture exchange party or in case there are many people to wear
    Kimono. We can work flexibly like visiting far places or doing dressing job for more than 100 people, so please feel free to consult us for any cases.

  • Experiential learing class for
    dressing Kimono


    2,000yen(Tax not included)~

    We are holding classes to show detailed skills to wear Kimono. For example, the
    easy way to tie Obi, how to wear kimono more
    beautifullly in easy way, how to coordinate
    and the way to wear Yukata. Each skill will be showed within one class and the content can be decided depending on your request.

Kimono rental shop WAFUKU

589-21, Jihoinammachi, Kyoto Shi Higashiyama Ku, Kyoto Fu, Japan

"Kimono rental shop WAFUKU" is located at accesible place to famous sightseeing spot such as Kiyomizu-dera temple, Gion, Kyoto national museum and Sanjusangendo. It will take only one minute by walking from "Umamachi" bus station, who has direct connection from Kyoto station. Therefore, you can go out to see those places smoothly after wearing Kimono at "Wafuku".

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Click here to see bigger map.